Podiatrists Own LOGO MARCH 2018 Vfinal

Podiatrsit’s Own Foot Care is the creation of Tracey Meyer, Podiatrist, Founder and Owner of Irymple Foot Clinic a large Podiatry clinic in rural Victoria. She has been practicing Podiatry for over 25 years and is proud to have created a successful practice in her home town of Mildura. Tracey attended Adelaide University and UniSA obtaining both her science and podiatry degrees; returning to study and completing her Masters in Health Science (Podiatry) in 2011.


Tracey has spent years researching and testing various heel balms and it took approximately 10 years for her to find a Heel Balm she was proud to put her name on. Irymple Foot Clinic has been using Podiatrist’s Own products for many years now and officially registered the trade mark in 2014.